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When visiting friends or family do you usually bring them something?
We, more often or not when socialising bring something with us to someone house. Depending on who it is it could be food, drink, flowers or something else.

The vast majority of people I know do this, but what about everyone on here.... would you say, take a cake or packet of biscuits when visiting a friend for a cuppa?
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tracieboo answers:

Yes i do, if i go round to any of my friends i normally have something yummy for us to have with our cuppa.

If i'm going to a dinner party i take chocolates or wine (or both!)

If it's family or friends with young children i take sweets (it keeps them quiet for ten minutes!)

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robinsamuels answers:

It depends on the reason for the visit. If we are just popping in to see someone then we wouldn't take anything with us. On the other hand, if the visit was, for example, for a meal we would probably take a bottle of wine and maybe some flowers or chocolates. My wife always wants to take desserts to dinners, it's a Portuguese thing, but I've warned her that it might be misinterpreted here.

If we are staying with someone, then we usually take something personal or for their house. Even if staying with family. On the last visit to my parents in England, from Wales, we took my dad a Wales Grand Slam rugby top, he even wore it after grumbling for a while!

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Topaz2308 answers:

For me if it is a quick coffee with a close friend then no I probably wouldn't take anything along as most of the time us ladies are on some kind of self imposed diet so refrain from putting temptation in our way.

For dinner parties or general parties I always go with wine and flowers as I think it shows I appreciate what lengths they have gone to all day with the preparations. It can sometimes seem like a thankless task when you are getting everything ready for a party so it is just my way of saying thank you and we appreciate the effort.

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KentPDG answers:

For casual visits with people nearby, usually nothing.

Of course, when invited for dinner we bring along some wine; and if staying with someone other than a close relative, some sort of house gift.

Very often, though, we will forego the traditional wine, and take along something from the garden or some roses we have grown, or something we have made such as our spectacular pesto sauce. Much more warmly received that anything we might have bought.

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Sapphire10 answers:

Oh no not me i never take anything around,if it's just a cuppa and a biscuit then they usually provide it and the same if they come to mine.Myself and my friends are not dinner party people as we all have young children and by the end of the evening we like to relax with our husbands,partners.If i am invited to a bbq or party i would ask if i could bring something and if they said yes i would bring what they wanted me to, or if they said no i would just go with some wine/beer etc.This take things around is just not done in my circle.

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