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Why are poeple racist?

asked in opinion

rainchild answers:

Racism is taught. People are racist because they have been taught Xenophobia. It's been passed down from generation to generation. It would have started as a tribal/survival instinct. People are not really going to want to go to war and kill and enslave people they believe are equal human beings. Racism was very useful. Still is. Just look at how Bush uses the whole "axis of evil" concept. But more and more, tolerance is being taught now. More people are thinking for themselves and breaking free from centuries of racism and prejudice.

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cryptminder answers:

Racism comes in different guises. It could be that someone feels threatened by a person of a different colour or creed so becomes automatically against them.
It could be, that a person feels his country or people are superior to everyone else, so will be against anyone not from their place.
On the other hand, governments have a habit of brainwashing its people to hate certain people on the pretext that they threaten their way of life.
No one is born racist, it develops through interaction with others, media criticism or government hype.
This phenomenon is not limited to any one country, but is universal.

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Theminxy1 answers:

Through ignorance and fear.Through fear of losing something to another creed, or just plain jealousy. Through mistrust,and unwillingness to understand.

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xoloriib answers:

Mostly because of historical differences between cultures. One will say look how primitive they are they still hunt animals. In reply the other will say look how weak they are they do not have enough strength to hunt animals. Wherever there are differences between people they will defend their way of life as being better. Nowadays people look at how many people live in another country worrying that they will be overwhelmed by the comparatively enormous numbers. As human beings age they become more aware of changes in society. In the future there may be as many old people as young so it will become more difficult to make changes because older people want to hang on to the old ideas.

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Poindexter answers:

In my case, I'm just a misanthrope with a pitch-black heart.
Do you mean racism as an ideology, or racism as an attitude?
The latter is based on the simple principle that higher animals separate the faces they encounter between familiar and unfamiliar. Familiar we trust, unfamiliar we distrust. You can observe this in babies who at first beam at everyone they meet and who smiles back, and at some point in their development acquire stranger anxiety.
The same atavistic principle, in reverse, is behind the celebrity cult.

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Family.Guy answers:

Because many people cant tell the difference between racism and discrimination. I treat everyone the same no matter of creed or colour but because of this some people see that as being racist mainly the black community because i treat them the same as white people. I act no different around them and they don't like it. They want to be treated differently and they are always the first ones to play the race card.

But because the government pander to these people it makes the white people dislike them more.
For example a few years back they wanted to change the name of Christmas lights to fairy lights so it didn't offend immigrants that didn't celebrate Christmas! well i say tough there Christmas lights.
If a person wants to live in this country they can but they have to change their lifestyle to fit in here not the country to fit in with theirs When in Rome do as the Romans !

Thats why there is racism its fuelled by the government.
If they were to stop pandering and giving them everything they want for fear of upsetting them the country would be a lot happier place.

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blacksmith81 answers:

Although the answers given above are valid, they all ignore the one common factor responsible for all forms of discrimination. This springs from the autonomy of the human mind, people discriminate, because they choose to. It's as simple as that.

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besttestuk answers:

I guess, the lower someone feels in social ranking/self-esteem the more likely he will declare someone else or a group of persons inferior or even guilty of something and start discriminating them. Of course this effect can be used politically, even scheduled...
Recent racist attacks in South Africa gave an example of that. Some got paid for starting the riots...

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Sapphire10 answers:

I aree with all the above comments,But i would just like to say that world has gone mad with political correctness,What used to be a innocent comment eg i'll have to find my golly wog(Spoken by an innocent child)Is an earth shattering majour racist remark now.I think people seem more racist because everything is so taboo.

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