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Does drinking water make you feel hungry?
If i drink water i find that I get quite hungry. If I add sugar free squash or cordial to it, it doesn't make me hungry.
Does anyone else experience this or is it just my old bod?
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beeper_spryte answers:

drinking water is meant to quench hunger pangs, as more often than not when you feel hungry you're actually thirsty.

i know where you're coming from though, because if i drink pure water when i'm thirsty, i often feel like my mouth and throat have dried up a bit and then i do feel hungry... something to do with osmosis...

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Sapphire10 answers:

I would have to say it depends if i am hungry anyway,I drink alot of water a day and i have to say that usually it doesn't make me hungry,But i have notice that say i haven't eaten from the night before and haven't realised i am hungry as i haven't stopped and it is passed say 11ish when i drink the water i get a really unpleasant pain in my tummy as if i haven't eaten for a week.I also feel alittle sick,I then realise it's time to eat, but i can't say it makes me hungry otherwise.
You could be a freak of nature haha.

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rhiocymru answers:

yes it does make you hungry, what happens is when you drink water your stomach swells as if you had food in it, and when the water quickly passes through the stomach, the stomach becomes deflated again, causing hunger pangs, water does however stop hunger pangs but only for about 5 minutes, you would have to constantly drink water all day for it to stop you from feeling hungry. Cordial on the other hand has sugar or the sugar free has chemicals in it that the brain mistakes for sugar, so remains in the stomach longer than water, for the stomach juices to break it down, hence why you do not feel hungry when you drink cordial. If however you eat and drink water straight after that can help you stop feeling hungry, for example, eating half a meal, drink some water, and then finish eating your meal, you will find that you feel fuller quicker, this is because, while the food is in your stomach the water takes longer to be digested as the stomach is working on breaking down the food. Think of the stomach as a room, when theres food in in the doors are shut, so nothing else can pass through until all food is digested and then the door opens to allow the digested food to pass to the next phase of digestion... this "door" is your stomach valve, i hope this helps.

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