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whats the best way to get rid of fleas?
My cats have fleas, i have an idea as to where they have got them from

(my BF's mum and dad have just took in a stray cat and my BF was there at the time and afterwards he said he had itchy legs)

I've give them a wash with cat flea shampoo, combed them and washed all the bedding, put talcum powder and flew killer in the carpet and the cats are still scratching(more than they normally do)

Help please
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beeper_spryte answers:

flea collars for added protection, but ensure that they don't contraindicate with the shampoo and powder you're using. wash all the bedding, clothing and upholstery in the house to get rid of any lingering fleas.

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wumpus answers:

Best advice has to be to ask your vet about flea treatment.
They are the best placed to advise you, and are more likely to be aware of any side effects etc. to watch out for.

I get "Advantage" from the vets - it works brilliantly.
It is applied as a tiny tube of clear drops (about 3-4 drops) into the fur on the back of the neck every few weeks during flea season.
No fleas on my moggy, and as a bonus, I'd swear her coat looks glossier too.

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reactivated answers:

I answered a question for Jacs who was having problems with fleas on her dog.
There is a pet programme that makes the fleas infertile for cats. Its an injection done by the vet. But 1st you must use a flea spray to get rid of the fleas in your home, you have to wash your bedding etc. anyway here you. I used it once for 1 of my cats when he was little. Injections are done very 6 months.

ProgramĀ® (lufenuron)
Program is available for cats as an injection or liquid suspension for mixing with the food; or as a tablet for dogs. The injection provides cats with 6 months continuous protection. When given orally, Program lasts for 1 month in both dogs and cats. Being a flea contraceptive, it works by preventing the build-up of fleas by stopping flea development. Program is also available as Program Plus. This is a tablet available for dogs only, and has a good effect against intestinal worms.

Program mimics the action of a hormone found in flea larvae and eggs. Fleas that have been in contact with this drug will not produce eggs capable of developing into adult fleas. Additionally, flea droppings produced by these fleas contain the drug, and any flea larvae consuming these droppings will not develop into adult fleas. This product works extremely well in most cases, but should be regarded as a preventative medication rather than a treatment. Where adult fleas are present on your pet, a treatment capable of killing adult fleas should also be given.
Hope this helps. Also it well worth the money.

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P-Kasso answers:

The big problem with fleas is that, even once you've got rid of them on your cat, the fleas may well have laid eggs in your carpets, furniture, along the edges of walls etc.

The flea eggs take about eight to ten days to hatch out - so using mild poison sprays may just kill the living fleas but the eggs survive and then hatch out and you have the same problem all over again.

Rentokill (and other pest control firms) do an excellent service with highly potent sprays that are strong enough kill the existing live fleas AND to persist for ten days until the flea eggs hatch out and then kill those too as they hatch out.

The sprays have to be so strong you usually are advised not to live in or sleep in the treated premises for 24 hours.

The process is not cheap but living with recurring fleas isn't all that exciting either.

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tecspec answers:

Continuous use of Frontline or a similar product (see Wumpus) is good for keeping fleas at bay. As you're keepng the fleas off the cat, the eggs and larvae in the furnishings eventually give up too.
We've used it for several years now with no sign of the little blighters.
You'l need to check if your kitties are kittens though..

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