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Is there an item you just can't leave home without?
For me I can't leave the house unless I have my earrings in as I feel naked without.

Is it just a female foible or do men suffer from such eccentricities.
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beeper_spryte answers:

my mobile phone. i don't wear a watch, you see... and it tells me if i'm going to be late for the bus and allows me to phone ahead to reassure people i will be there... eventually...

i feel defenceless without it.

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

A hug, a kiss, and an "I love you" from my wife and little girl! (And my cell phone and wallet).

Supplement from 08/18/2008 07:08pm:

I forgot common sense. There are a lot of people anymore who leave this at home every day.

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Sapphire10 answers:

A pack of tissues.I knew it sounds weird be they always come in handy i have 2 snotty kids,Also when ever i go uptown with my sister and her kids she has never got any and always needs to use mine.There is nothing worse than wipping your nose on your sleeve.LOL

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tracieboo answers:

My shoes!!!

Supplement from 08/18/2008 07:18pm:

and my debit card

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Messerwisser answers:

My keys.

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tecspec answers:

my purse, my glasses and car keys.
Purse and keys go into a rather commodious handbag along with the rest of the stuff that I don't need but carry round anyway!

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spidersinthekitchen answers:

Not so much an item.... music. Whether a cd, mp3 player, phone or hard drive, I must have music. It's a bit like having petals scattered before you walk, only not.

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minx_24.nik answers:

My bag which contains everything but the kitchen sink!! Purse, keys, phone, diary, pain killers....my life ;o) lol

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oddbob86 answers:

my huge handbag...containing an umbrella, purse,mobile,keys,makeup, anyhing else i may care to shove in it...

I sometimes find my cats sleeping in my bag..(when i've given it a good clean)

Oh and a phamacy as well..painkilers, immodium plus, upset stomach caplets, plasters, savlon..yes i'm a woman with a first aid kit in my huge handbag..

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martin.thomas answers:

Pen and Paper!

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Russel.West answers:

Being told I'm loved - just in case the worst happens - oh and a camera...but then I'm a photojournalist!!!

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scooby.snacks answers:

A door? ;)

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preciosa809 answers:

Keys, sunglasses and diaper bag(i have everthing from a change of cloths for each of my boys to band aids!)

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scouter4 answers:

i dont really NEED anything i just prefer to have my mobile and wallet.
and also clothes (but only on special occasians):-)

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spangle18 answers:

Wallet, watch, mobile phone, keys. My small bundle of 4 keys encapsulates my life; front door key, car key, wheel lock key, desk key at work. And on a work day I need my flexi card.
Whenever I stay away from home I must have cotton buds for my ears & a bottle of water.

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Theminxy1 answers:

Phone and camera. I'm mad on photography, and my going for a picture has sometimes landed me in trouble from which I have needed rescuing....

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