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computing problem.
my computer doesnt let me sign in to ebay or buy oasis tickets or anything else to do with buying.
is it something to do with the settings not letting me buy stuff? or what else is it?
Supplement from 08/21/2008 09:52pm:
iv tried the cookies and the different privacy settings but it still doesnt work its not just ebay its anything which involves paying like gig tickets.

asked in computer, money, ebay

wrestlingfan420 answers:

You need to have an account set up with e-bay and have either paypal or credit card information on file with them before you can start buying things. If you are all set up in this manner, you need to call their tech support line because the problem is on their end.

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robinsamuels answers:

Make sure that your internet browser is accepting cookies.

If not, it may be blocking some parts of the relevant pages.

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wumpus answers:

My first thought was cookies too.

But if it's anything involving paying, it sounds like it may not be accepting https:/ (secure) web pages.

What version of Internet Explorer are you using?
IE up to version 5 only had 64 bit encryption, 6 onwards has 128 bit.

I'd be surprised if you're still on version 5 though.

If you are, go to http://www.microsoft.com and get an upgrade to at least version 6.

Or, are you using a different browser such as Firefox, Opera, or other?

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