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What can I do to help ensure the best with our child and dog ?
There are spreading diseases, germs, worms, fleas,+++++
Is there any perfectly safe dog ?
asked in Diseases, dogs

beeper_spryte answers:

inoculate your dog and keep his vaccinations up to date, worm him every 3 months (follow manufacturer's instructions), use a shampoo that kills fleas and ticks and don't let the child play near the dog's faecal matter - problem solved.

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Sapphire10 answers:

Children and dogs really aren't a problem together just do as beeper says but also when you or your child has stroked /played with the dog make sure obviously to wash your hands(No prob)
You'll find the child will come up against wosre things in life than dogs.
I was always brought up with dogs and it naver did me or my sister any harm.

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