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Favourite food from childhood - what food reminds you of your childhood and why?
My partner loves fish fingers and cheesy pasta, my childhood food that I loved was my nan's Sunday roasts - what food takes you back in time?
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tracieboo answers:

As soon as i read your question, the memory of spam fritters jumped into my head, i used to love them, i couldn't eat one now mind you! but i sometimes get a hankering for a fish finger sarnie!

My mum was a terrible cook, so unless it came out of a packet or tin then it never made it to my plate!!

I started cooking for myself at the age of ten and the first thing i ever made was spaghetti bolognese, it's still one of my favourites now.

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scooby.snacks answers:

Ooh... beef stew and dumplings.

Braised steak layered with with onions and sliced potatoes, cooked in one of those square frying pan things, with the element on the bottom.

Home made chips, fried in pure animal fat... between two slices of plain bread, (Scottish delicacy,) with loads of butter.

Plain bread outsiders toasted with loads of butter.

Bacon, cabbage and mashed tatties, (with bacon fat mixed in.)

...er. I wonder what this vice like pain in my chest is.

Supplement from 08/26/2008 08:49pm:

Stovies!!! Again, with bread and butter. Now I'm more likely to have oatcakes, but I occasionally indulge.

Haggis tattie and neeps.

Square sausage, (lorne.)

Roast chicken dinners.

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xoloriib answers:

Skinless pork sausages.
Thick custard.

I haven't had the like since I was a young un.

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rhiocymru answers:

Oh my god, fritters my nan used to cook, lovely stuff
but roast dinner reminds me the most of childhood, as soon as I smell roast potatoes I am taken back to the innocence and naivity that was my childhood. Playing while you could smell the meat cooking, and hanging around the kitchen waiting for it to finally be cooked. Then finally when it arrived at my table, the mountain of food on my plate was like a scale size of mount everest, then we'd all sit together, talk family nonsense, and enjoy every last mouthful, before mopping up the gravy with bread.
What I wouldn't give to go back there for another meal. Its never the same now my nan is no longer here to cook it.
Thankyou for your question, you've just brightened my day with childhood nostalgia.

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

Oh God, where do I start? Iron grilled flank steak, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli/cheese/ritz cracker baked casserole, green bean casserole, and garlic french bread. And for desert? Home made cherry cheesecake. God I'm hungry now. Where is dinner........

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Candy.DeRun answers:

Not favourite, but warm milk - from school!

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minx_24.nik answers:

Crisps in my sandwiches, dipping lumps of chocolate in my yoghurt/hot chocolate, rich tea biscuits dunked in tea, marshmallows melted over a fire, fondue and making lots of mess, fish finger sarnies, roast dinners, aniseed balls, blackjacks, gobstoppers, chips in gravy or smothered in cheese and mayonnaise with ketchup, boiled eggs and soldiers.....the list is endless!!

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wumpus answers:

Banana butties.

Toast, made by toasting one side under the grill then putting butter on the other side before toasting that.

Or home-made and slightly burned rice pudding, with nutmeg on top.
To get the "grandmother" memories really going, it would have to be served on a dish which has been broken and glued back together with Evo-stick.

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sheps101 answers:

same stuff I like now, almost any home cooked or home baked produce, scones, pancakes, clootie dumpling, venison, salmon, pheasant, duck, home grown tatties and veg and fruit straight of the bush tree etc. I just love food.

Saying that I can't handle mince and tatties anymore just ate to much of it as a kid.

Supplement from 08/27/2008 10:24am:

why does it remind me of my childhood, well I suppose because we always ate together and when baking I always enjoyed getting to lick the spoon

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tecspec answers:

Dripping sarnies
Fish fingers peas and mash
Nan's stew. Keep some potato, carrot and meat to mash together for a sarni to finish off..mmmm
Proper chips.
Thin brown bread cut from a proper loaf by my Aunt Edith.
Pomegranets eaten with a pin.

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Sapphire10 answers:

Pork and rabbitt mum used to do it sometimes for sunday dinner with thick gravy,The smell was out of this world and the taste you didn't want it to end.
Egg custard as well with pastry on the bottom(Alot of people don't do the pastry)ohhhhh lovely

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spangle18 answers:

Del Monte Apple Juice reminds of my childhood. I loved it. It had such a unique taste for a ten year old. I used to think it was such a sophsicated drink. Happy days.

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Maygs answers:

Dinosaurs and smiley faces!

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