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What is it?
Since returning from holiday I keep experiencing what I can only explain as insect bites on my lower abdomen, waist line and around (not on) the crotch area, no where else. I have clean clothes every day, clean bed linin and have actually moved house during this time, yet still get bitten, whereas my partner, who was also on holiday and sleeps in the same bed etc, does not have this problem?

I know it is not a sexually transmitted disease, so no answers neeeded regarding that as a possibility please!
asked in skin, insects, irritation

xoloriib answers:

If it's an insect bite : you can keep insects away from you with lavender oil. Insects prefer females because their blood is sweeter.

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rainchild answers:

I wonder if there is something inside the elastic of your underwear that's irritating, itching, or biting you?

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kimberley240605 answers:

Could you be allergic to the Underwear you are wearing? or maybe the washing powder? I am alergic to certain washing powders and it brings me out in itchy lumps that look like bites.

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scooby.snacks answers:

Are they blister like? I hate to say this, but it could be scabies. The distribution fits the pattern. Your partner could be infected... they don't tend to manifest in that area in women. Besides, it takes up to 6 weeks for the symptoms to show.

You really should see your GP for a diagnosis, (not terribly helpful, Iknow, but it is the only way to be sure.) In the meantime, some light reading...


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