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how much will it cost me to get my cats neutered??
Okays kitties are getting on a bit, i got my oldest cat spayed for free as i got a rspca voucher which they no longer do, i'm employed so i can't go for the £5 offer that they do for your kitties.

I've looked up on websites for vouchers and cant find any.

a few suggestions or a rough cost would be great.

I need to get a tom cat castrated and a female cat spayed.
asked in cats, neutering, costs

tracieboo answers:

The link below reckons between £20-£40 for the male and £30-£60 for the female....


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Russel.West answers:

You could try the PDSA they do discounted rates for people who are on low incomes.

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moonzero2 answers:

The cats protection league also has a nutering purrogramme, so it may be worth contacting the local branch.

Sorry couldn't resist the pun.

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