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Is it just lazy to store kids clothes in pop up baskets instead of drawers or a good solution to a current problem or do you have a better idea?
No matter how hard I try my 3 kids manage to pull out all their clothes when looking for something and mix up their clothes drawers when putting stuff back as fast as I can put clothes away and reorganse them. Someone suggested today I get some pop up chests and store their clothes in them. One for tops and one for bottoms and just iron clothes as needed. I already hang up their dresses and jumpers and they stay where their are meant too but I don't have room to hang up everything. Is this a sensible solution or do you have a better idea. The children are all under 5 so it is INHO unrealistic to expect them to keep everything perfect at this age.
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high1971 answers:

no i do not think it is lazy idea lazy would be not to put them away at all
this could be a good idea to help teach your children as well if you buy them one each as they will learn which is theirs and to keep it tidy. it looks like they may be underbed storage bags as well so this may get them out of sight and give space in the room as well
all i can say is go for it as having 3 children in a room as you have said would be a nightmare for wardrobe and draw space

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Neko2 answers:

A friend once told me that when he tried something new, (in business,) he would put a lazy person on the job for the first 6 months, because they quickly found the easiest and quickest ways to get something done.

Lazy isn't always bad.

Anyway, with 3 young kids, I don't think that you have any choice in the matter... there's no way you are going to be allowed to be lazy. Just find the path of least resistance, because it will free up time that could be spent doing more fruitfully. Whatever works! :-)

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del79 answers:

i have three of my children sharing a bedroom and it is in no way easy as you know. there was not much space left in the room after all the toys and such,so i bought some under the bed storage boxes and it was the best thing i ever did!! not only do they take the space up from under the beds so the kids cant stuff their toys and such under the bed,but they create so much space for other things.
go on, give them a go!!! you'll be surprised!!
hope this helped

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Sr2k5 answers:

I Understand that having three under5's can be difficult at times but you can't expect them to be so neat - have you seen the advert "Dirt is good"?? So is mess

But yeah, pop up ones sound good - more fun as well for some reason.

I Don't think its lazy
I think it's a logical solution for a prolonged problem

And i know what happens when you put too many clothes in the wardrobe - the pole falls down

I have been running out of space in my room for clothes so i now have to "Chuck as I buy" which is not good

So good luck with the pop ups :)

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