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Do I need planning permission to rebuild a derelict old barn?
The barn is 16ft wide, 30ft longand 14ft high.
It is situated on a piece of land which I own, to all intence and purposes I wish it to have a concrete floor and a couple of rows of red brick, to enhance appearance and make it weather and rat proof.
The neighbour has no problem with this.
asked in Planning permission

siasl74 answers:

your best bet is to talk to your local planning officer - it may be in a conservation area, or it may even be listed.

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Aiming4777 answers:

Most likely not. Provided the barn is an agricultural building ((as defined by section 26 of the General Rate Act 1967), some types of agricultural development require no planning permission at all nor can they be taken away by an Article 4 Direction.

Section 55 of the Town & Country Planning Acts 1990 provides that:

"the use of land for the purpose of agriculture or forestry (including afforestation) and the use for any of those purposes of any building occupied together with the land so used" does not constitute "development".

Since 1992 the Permitted Development Rights for general agricultural development have been split into two Classes of Development; CLASS A permission is for agricultural development on units of 5ha or more (or on parcels within that unit of at least 1ha) and CLASS B permission is for agricultural development on units up to 5ha, or on parcels within that unit of at least 0.4ha.

In either case, you should not need permission for these improvements. Permitted development in Class A includes works for the erection, extension or alteration of a building; or any excavation or engineering operations, which are reasonably necessary for the purposes of agriculture within that unit. Permitted development in Class B includes the extension or alteration of an agricultural building. See this link for a full list of the ‘permitted development’ allowed in both classes:

If the barn is not classed as an agricultural building, you may need planning permission for the alterations. If you are in any doubt about whether permission is required seek guidance from the Council first.

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rubix78 answers:
@Aiming4777: hi can you help re barn we lost to fire ?
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rubix78 answers:
hi can you help re barn re build planning ?
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