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what is the worst cace cenario that could happen when the lhc in geneva is fired in less than 48 hours?
apart from it not doing anything. i'm talking about disaster.
asked in physics, science, nature

beeper_spryte answers:

there was a question about this earlier in the week. we wouldn't be aware of the worst case scenario, as we'd be sucked into a black hole of our own creation. http://iq.lycos.co.uk/qa/show/68802/Between+1+and+100%2C+how+much+are+you+worrie...

can't say i'm particularly worried about that, to be honest.

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Neko2 answers:

hat they don't start making new discoveries about the nature of tiny ickle bits of stuff.

I've said my piece about the black hole panic. :-)

The black holes to which they refer are infinitesimally small singularities.

My limited understanding of the experiment is that they will accelerate sub atomic particles faster than they have ever been able to before. The object of this exercise is to smash these together fast enough to get them to break apart, so they can observe the pieces that fly off. This will increase our understanding of how the universe works, as we will be one step closer to observing the building smallest block that makes up time, space, energy, matter, gravity, yadda, yadda...

Now, when things get smashed together really fast, the areas of impact get compressed, (think of a rubber ball bouncing on the groung, for example.) However, when this happens with particles travelling at the speed of light, there is a fair chance tat you will creat an incredibly small point in space-time where density becomes infinite, and the gravitational force of this area will exceed the speed of light. (If the egg heads have got their sums right.) In other words, a black hole. These should be so short lived, because of Hawking radiation, that they won't even get much of a chance to interact with anything else. They won't be like the black hole depicted in the Sun's article. The smallest, naturally occurring singularity is a stellar mass black hole. These only develop when a star that's at least 10-15 times the mass of our sun collapses on itself.

If anything, I'm eagerly awaiting the opening of the LHC, because it will confirm so much that has only been theory up until now.


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kev_from_edinburgh answers:

the worst case scenario would be that it does something totally different to what they thought it would, and all the theories that predicted something that didnt happen would start to lose credibility, and we would have to re-think everything, but then again, that wouldnt be so catastrophic, as science is built on theories and counter theories, only when we question what we are taught or told by others do we begin to understand more.

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