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Could you ever have anybody else breast feed your babie?
Kate Garraway has a programme on channel 4 tonight about mothers that breast-feed other peoples children(10pm by the way)
Is this right?
Could/would you let somebody else breast-feed your baby/child?
Is it not a personal thing between mother and baby?
Am i wrong?
asked in general opinion, breast feeding, bonding

seacommander answers:

I would agree that breast feeding is a very personal thing, however, there might be circumstances where as a parent I might consider letting another woman breast feed ones child. For example during illness, premature cessation of milk supply and so on. Breast milk banks exist today and of course the existence of wet nurses, especialy in the higher classes was commonplace at one time.

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Topaz2308 answers:

For me I couldn't let anyone else breast feed my child as you are correct it is a bonding time between mother and baby, not baby and anyone lactating at the time.

I also think there is an age of 18 months where you should stop breast feeding a child as there isn't really any medical or nutritional reason why you should carry on until they are 4-5 years old.

As for consuming it myself I couldn't think of anything worse.

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Neko2 answers:

Absolutely. Preferably the kid's mother.

Supplement from 09/10/2008 03:31pm:

This might sound a little obtuse, but how is that so different from drinking cows milk when they are weaned. At least a wetnurse is of the same species.

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tracieboo answers:

No, i couldn't bear to see another woman bond so closely with my child.

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Messerwisser answers:

Interesting that in an emergency case some mothers would rather let their baby die then get help from someone who can deliver milk.

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P-Kasso answers:

As a bloke whose nipples seem to be only useful as decoration I didn't have any choice but to let someone else breast feed my two children. Ideally the mother for all kinds of reasons.

And I would certainly always put the baby's well-being before any groundless squeamishness on my part about having another person suckle the babies if their mother was unable to breast feed herself.

I realise that the concept of wet-nursing has strong overtones from the Victorian days of upper class wealthy women employing working class poor women as milk-cows - farming out a distasteful chore - but it is probably a much more direct, more natural and a far more beneficial answer compared to filling the little tikes up on formula and factory produced dried milk substitutes.

If there is a medical reason why the mother canot produce sufficient milk then she would be unable to enjoy the bonding anyway - so I think any caring parents would want to put the child's health, welfare and development first every time.

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rasputin1309 answers:

The feeders are nutters and the parents of the fed are nutters - pity the poor mite spawned by these morons.

A medical reason would be the only justification and then only if no other source of suitable milk is available.

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sheps101 answers:

I would rather my children had breast milk for the first 6 months than given formula as there is lots of benefits to be had from breast milk but I see no reason why my baby need be breast fed by someone else if I couldn't have done it, put in a bottle or beaker would have been just fine. I did this at times myself so my hubbie could feed the wee ones too.

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Maygs answers:

I watched it last night and was quite disturbed.
I wouldn't let another woman breast feed my child; for me I think it's an intimate thing that creates a healthy mother-child relationship.

I also really disagree with the age some of the women were feeding their children up until. When a child is about 5-6, unconsciously they are begining to become sexually developed and begin to have, again subconsciously, sexual thoughts.

For a child of that age to still be at the breast I think moves on from a natural feeding measure to something entirely wrong. These mothers clearly can't let go.

Supplement from 09/10/2008 03:17pm:

*I DO, however, agree with the women going over to Africa to breast feed the starving children. Full of calories and nutrients, completely free. Marvelous idea to help out.

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