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Whe will the Large Hadron Collider actually start yielding some of the results we have been promised?
The LHC came on-line today, but they only took a few protons for a spin around Cern.

When will the real research start and the hype stop?

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Supplement from 09/10/2008 05:09pm:
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jimmygyuma answers:

Months, possibly years.

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reactivated answers:

Here you go Neko. courtsey f the sun newpspaper online.

Although the big switch-on took place today, the first high-energy collisions are not due until October 21.

The CERN team insist the project is safe.

They say it could even help to bring massive benefits, such as a cure for cancer and solutions to nuclear waste and global warming.

But doomsday merchants fear that the mini black holes created will enlarge and become unstable, with a bigger one capable of destroying the world.

They even tried to get the European Court of Human Rights to stop the tests.

Supplement from 09/10/2008 06:13pm:

If you are really what to know the ins and out of it. Here is their homepage site.


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Messerwisser answers:

Sooner than you think, but you will not notice it.

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Aiming4777 answers:

There was never ANY intention of making particles collide today! These tales of "doomsday" in the media were just rubbish. The plan was to start the LHC up today and just try and get a proton to move. It was expected to take three days just to get one to manage a complete circuit. Then they would need to make one go around in the other direction before even thinking of any experiments. The actual "collision experiments" are not due for five or six weeks.

Give the complexity of the system, it was remarkable it worked at all first time!

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