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Is this alot of nonsence or should i be scared??
okay, i've bought some Bob martin "spot on" treatment and i'd thought i'd do some reasearch on the product and the first things that comes up is warnings on the fact that it could kill my cats!!

Should i take it back and get the more expensive stuff instead??
http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/pets-and- animals/bob-martin-flea-products/ 1049465/ copy
^^ thats the link there that got me worried..
Supplement from 09/11/2008 03:42pm:
Okays I've read a few more reviews and they are all pretty bad.. so hmm its getting taken back and i'm buying frontline, for my kitties as it seems to have the better reviews and its still within my budget.

asked in cats, fleas, treatment

animals/bob-martin-flea-products/ 1049465/"> animals/bob-martin-flea-products/ 1049465//">http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/pets-and- animals/bob-martin-flea-products/ 1049465/ answers:

I think there's only one way to know!

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Maygs answers:

No don't be worried, It does not actually state what happened to their cat so for all you know they used the treatment then after a few hours it got hit by a car.

I would still use it. It is no more different to our medication the animal in question may or may not get the side effects you just never know. But if you are really concerned then change the treatment you are well within your rights.
Personally i would use what ever was in my budget im afraid and i have used Bob Martin's products before with no after effects.

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Family.Guy answers:

There is a risk with any flea product - when we first got our dog, we did the dutiful new-owner thing, got her vaccinations, bought a flea collar. Three days later, we were back at the vet (on a Sunday - premium rate for call out) with a dog who was fitting. They suspected distemper, when we originally phoned them, so we were not allowed to put her down on the floor at all, and her eyes were rolling.

Turns out it was some kind of reaction to the flea collar - a very expensive lesson to learn (and the one that prompted us to get pet insurance!)

So, you really do take a risk. When we get flea treatments now, we use Program, as it has a lower incidence of reaction to it.

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