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According to folklore, if you're being haunted by the ghost of someone you've killed, is there a way of getting rid of it?
Just watching this horror film where a guy's being haunted by the ghost of the wife he's murdered. I can't help but think that if I were him I'd at least try to exorcise her or something. Is there anything he could do?
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P-Kasso answers:

I'd guess that the usual bell, book and candke, vicars and priests etc would exorcise a ghost whether you'd killed the person or not.

Whether you (ie one) can exorcise it from one's own memory would be more difficult.

Unless you felt no grief or remorse it wouls stay with you.

Even repentance would not lift the memory. You'd be stuck with it no matter how many bells and smells you empolyed to try to lift the stain.

Supplement from 09/12/2008 12:17am:

Candke = candle. I should give up the ghost!

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BobBibleman answers:

Usually you get driven mad and kill yourself.
Personally I'd ignore them until they went away, or if they were too obtrusive, I'd chat to them normally, goto the pub with them, until they gave up.

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