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if you could travel in time, where'd u go?

asked in travel

cryptminder answers:

To the dawn of time. To finally find out how we evolved.

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tecspec answers:

around 5.30pm on June 19th 1988. Instead of driving past the turn off on the motorway that led to my mums house we would turn off, i could then have seen her for one last time.

Back to the time I turned down a job in 1978 because it meant working away from home for 2 weeks for training. We hadn't been married for long and I had never stayed away from home for that long before. It would have meant working with Optical Cables when they were still being developed. A missed opportunity.

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KentPDG answers:

I have no interest in getting back to a point where I made a mistake or missed an opportunity, so that I could correct it and thus improve all of the succeeding lifetime. I have made sufficient misjudgments over the years that it would be exceedingly difficult to find just one or even a few to change. I'm afraid my errors, and my mis-spent life, will have to stand.

By "travel in time" I take you to mean go backward to other times and places, to observe what actually happened; but not to be part of the scene physically, and perhaps participate. For anything very far back, or remote in location, we would not have the culture, language, dress, or appearance to be able to fit in.

It would of course be interesting to be back in the time of Jesus, and also the Apostles, to see what actually happened at the dawn of Christianity. However, understanding the language would be a considerable barrier. An obserer could, perhaps, understand some of the events without comprehending the words.

On that basis, it is almost impossible to select where and when in history one might like to travel. It would be interesting to visit the ancient Mayas or Azteccs or Incas or Egyptians or Phonecians or Babylonians, or any number of other ancient civilizations. Or to tour Rome or Athens or Sparta at the height of their glory, or to travel with Alexander or Napoleon or Ghengis Khan or ... You get the idea.

Just as it is inteesting to visit a museum, and see all sorts of different parts of life and history shown, it would also be worthwhile adn fascinatin to visit almost any historical time.

By the same token, we are today traveling through time, going forward, and we are also in an interesting part of history. There is lots to see and understand in the here and now, and there is right now lots of history unfolding. People in the future will wish they could have been present to see what we are able to see.

On that basis, I am perfectly happy with my present travel through time, going forward day by day in the current era.

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Russel.West answers:

Firstly bac k to the begining just to see what really happened and depending on that outcome - off to the vatican and every holy place to report, taking a few people with me like Einstein, Hawkins and maybe Darwin too.
Then off into the future to take a look and if it's all gone wrong back to the present pick up a few world leaders and off for a fact finding mission, if needs be I could pop into a few maternity units with some instruments from the future and perform some steralisations of the parents of world leaders starting with Bush Snr!
Oh and then I'd like to go way into the future at the end of time jst to see what happens, then I think I'd like to see what age I die at and work out something useful for mankind for me to do with whatever time I had left. Oh I just remembered I should go back to my childhood and warn me of all the dangers of over eating, drinking and not enough sex!

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Neko2 answers:

Don't you mean when?

One week into the future, then buy a lottery ticket on my return. :-)

Or, if it's backwards, about 4,000-5,000 years ago to ask the buildrs of Stonehenge what they thought they were doing.

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Family.Guy answers:

I would go back to the 1700's and be a highway man in the most rural of places where it took the police 3 weeks to get to the scean of the crime.

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seacommander answers:

Just before the 'big bang'. Nobody seems to be able to say what existed before this universe creating event. After that into the future to see how many of our dreams and nightmares actually happened. Another form of travel I would readily volunteer for would be to be sent off into space and travel away from Earth for as long as technology was able to keep me alive. I would not seek to return to Earth. Just think of the thrill and excitement of travelling to and beyond the edge of our solar system and see it for oneself.

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Theminxy1 answers:

I'd just go back a couple of years, and do my best to change all the things that have gone so horribly wrong for my grandchildren.

I'd quite like to lay on my back in the middle of the chapel, watching Mr. Angelo at work too.

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Maygs answers:

So many places!
I agree with the dawn of time - just to see what actually went on. Maybe also to the end of time?!

Also agree with next week - get the lottery numbers then hop back and win all the monies.

Would also be tempted to go back about 3 years ago and not get with the person I did, because I missed out on so much because of her.

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