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Guided busway, railway, tramway - what are members' opinions on the relative merits of local transport schemes based on these technologies?
Members living in the Cambridge area will know what I am alluding to, however, for the benefit of those who do not live in the area please let me explain. At one time there existed a pefectly good rail track bed from Huntingdon through Cambridge and to the north of the city. To try and ease congestion on the parallel runing A14 road it has been decided to convert the track bed into a guided busway. All very well it would seem until you look at the plans in detail only to see that once the buses approach Cambridge city centre they revet to normal roads and get caught up in the congestion there before going back to the guided road. Other options would have been to re-lay the rail track and run local trains or perhaps have a tramway with dedicated clear passage through the city centre. Is this another example of a cheap and cheerful plan that may well not deliver results? Does it reflect central government short term transport strategy often based on cost rather than effectiveness? Do members have any examples of similar projects in their area and how successful have they been?
asked in transport, congestion, railway

high1971 answers:

must admit from what you have said sounds silly to me
but having said that if the base is already there use it and build on it
why not look at nottingham's tram and bus system built on a similar structure to what you have quoted but it now been voted the best tram system in the uk
ok it has taken time and money but they are there maybe an idea to just give it a go and see what happens

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