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Looking for help with a handwritten, 18th century English word?
The word occurs in the report on the examination of James Morrison (Bounty Mutiny) for Gunner.

The sentence is:

"He knows how to ______, or Round the thickness of the Metal of a Cannon
at the Touch-Hole, Frumions and Muzzle."
asked in handwriting, 18th Century English

Sr2k5 answers:

Is there no better picture? its quite hard to see, so far i can make out

T e _ i a and either L C or K

So Te_ialc or

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goth-girl1 answers:

hold on i will ring high1971 he will know your answer

Supplement from 09/14/2008 02:23am:

ok rang him he says give him 10 mins

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high1971 answers:

thats easy enough just blown it up
and you are wrong he was never a gunner on the bounty as the post was already taken he was a boatswain mate
the passage was taken from his own defense and the word is terlink which is a part that joins the towline to the grannell

Supplement from 09/14/2008 02:32am:

give me a minute and i will get you a site or 2 that have the full translated manuscripts on them will have to go check my folder on the bounty

Supplement from 09/14/2008 02:38am:

ok for full manuscripts of the court trails
for a translation of his manuscript and a link to his book
and if i remember correctly it is in the umkc law library records
hope this helps
what do you need it for quite rare to find some one after any one other than blyth or christian

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Aiming4777 answers:

This word is tertiate.

It was essential to make sure that the shot used was a good fit in the barrel of the cannon. Often the mouth of cannon became larger than the rest of the barrel as the cannon was used. Therefore the barrel needed to be measured in three places, the mouth (or muzzle in your text, the breech (touch hole in your text) and Trunnion (I think you have recorded this wrongly in your text) … this is the part of a cannon with the two projections on the side of the barrel which mount the barrel in the gun mount.

Tertiate is the term used for the measurement of a gun barrel in three places.

This is explained well (but in Old Engish) in this extract from ‘The Sea-Gunner’ by John Seller (1691) ~ chapter 16.

Here is a dictionary definition:

This Wikipedia article explains about the Trunnions which, as I said, I think you have misread: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trunnion

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