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And the last indecipherable word in this doc is?
It occurs in:

"He knows how to Charge, and Discharge a Piece of Ordnance, readily and artist like, and how to spunge the same, and to _____ and secure it in bad weather."
asked in handwriting, 18th century English, history

Aiming4777 answers:

I'm sure thats probably muzzle. As well as being part of a cannon, where the shot comes out (and is loaded), it is also a verb meaning to "prevent from firing". Now-a-days it has come to mean "prevent from speaking out" (or gag) but we still use the expression "muzzle a loose cannon" which means to silence somebody shooting their mouth off but its origins come from its literal meaning in gunnery.

Supplement from 09/14/2008 03:25am:

The Zs are hard to see (again because they return the pen to the baseline but they are there

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