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Should i go on holiday with my sister and her family?
My sister has suggested going on holiday with her,My brother-in-law and the kids next year.I would love to but the only thing is she does not get on with Mr Saffy(To say the least)I would love to go but i don't want to ruin everybodys holiday if they can not be nice to each other and even stand being in the same room together(As that's how it can get with them both)I want to go with her as i don't feel confident enough to go on holiday with just Mr Saffy and the kids as i need so much help with my son at the best of times and with the added stress of flying and being in a foreign country i need another pair of hands and my sister will help me out(As she always does)Mr Saffy is usually of the opinion that if he is alright so is everybody and everything else.
Not only that my nieces are very good with my kids and they will all have great fun together.
What do i do?
Would you go?
asked in general opinion, holidays abroad

tracieboo answers:

Oh go for it, what is the worse that could happen? Your sister drowns Mr Saffy in the pool?!!!

To be serious, they will need to have a chat and sort out some basic rules while away, maybe having an amnesty for the lengh of the holiday?
You don't want it to end up with you and yours on one side of the pool and your sister and hers on the other. Does your sisters hubby get on with your hubby? maybe they could go off and do their thing and you with your sister and the kids, then swap and let the men have the kids so that you can enjoy a night out with your sister? then take it in turns to go out with your hubbys while the other one looks after the kids?

Going away with family can be a nightmare, try to lay the ground rules before you go.

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Topaz2308 answers:

If you don't go you will always wonder whether or not you would have a good time and if it could work.

You have to think about your children and their fun rather than your sister and your partner. The holiday is for the children presumably so as long as you see them having fun things should run smoothly. You don't have to be inseparable just because you are on holiday together as there would most likely be plenty of events and activities to do but I would suggest that you chose an area where perhaps you or they have been as it will help knowing where everything is. Nothing more likely to set off an argument that being lost and everyone blaming each other.

My advice would be if you can afford it with a family would be to go all inclusive as there is nothing that will add pressure than quibbling over funds. That way everything is paid for beforehand and either party doesn't have to feel bad if funds start running low and they can't afford things. Just takes the extra pressure out of it as well and they will just have to grin and bear each other what is it one or two weeks out of their lives.

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Maygs answers:

Book a holiday of your own and then arrange a shorter family get together for you and your sister, a girls night out or lunch maybe? Make it just the two of you?

You know it won't be a relaxing holiday if you are on eggshells the whole time.

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Theminxy1 answers:

DON'T DO IT !! To go on holiday with other people, you have to get on really well with them... Otherwise you're setting yourself up for a nightmare.

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