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Travel phobia/aversions. Do any members have a strong reluctance or phobia even about using certain forms of transport?
Have you ever rationalised why you have the phobia/aversion? For example is it related to something you read, something you perhaps saw on the news, something that happened to a relative, a childhood experience etc etc?
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Topaz2308 answers:

My daughter has a phobia of flying and she is completely beside herself when she discovered we are going on an flight next year on holiday. We have sat her down to rationalise why and how this fear began but she just says she doesn't like them.

I feel that it stems from when she was younger she used to sleep most of the flight so doesn't actually realise that we were flying. Since she is that bit older and doesn't sleep as much she realise that it actually went in the air. She says this is nonsense but we have no considered sending her to a hypnotist to see if he can help.

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imfeduptoo answers:

Yes, I hate flying.
I think part of the reason is because I feel claustrophobic in planes, but also, when we are hanging in the air I really can't believe it can stay up there.
Even worse, I don't like being on the sea because I feel seasick.
I thanked God the day the channel tunnel was opened so I didn't have to cross by ferry any more.
I don't like coaches much either and avoid them as much as possible - well completely!
This, I think, does stem from my childhood.
My grandmother used to take me on coach trips and because I was a pale little child she always used to think I was going to be sick - she regularly used to ask the driver to stop and I had to stand outside with a washing up bowl! She ignored my protests that I wasn't going to be ill and I never was but it's left me with the feeling that I will be if I go on a coach.

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lordhagakure answers:

I rationalised my fear of flying and no longer have said phobia. What I have instead is a fear of falling or crashing!

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Theminxy1 answers:

I find using public transport when alone impossible. Too many people, and I don't like my destiny being n the hands of others.

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