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Unknown USB Device.
i have a new computer i have downloaded software for my D-Link wireless internet (as i have lost the CD)
But the computer isnt recognising the USB input and saying it is unknown and not giving any options of what to do.
What can i do?
Supplement from 09/17/2008 04:52pm:
i am using another computer as my wierless internet "finder" isnt recognised.

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sheps101 answers:

use windows update and they will install the drivers :O)

Had the same problem the other week

Supplement from 09/16/2008 08:35pm:

this link explains it all but really all you need to do us use windows update. (think it you might have pick manual install to find it if I remember right)

Oh and don't google for drivers have the companies want you to pay for the drivers.

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wumpus answers:

Sounds like you need to download and/or re-install the drivers for your USB device - I presume it's a wireless USB dongle?

You should be able to download them on your old computer from the manufacturer's website, put them on a memory stick or CD, and then use this on the new computer.

It's not clear from your question whether D-Link make the dongle or the access point you're trying to use.

Also, do a check to make sure the wireless is actually turned on.
It could be turned off, and the USB device you're seeing is something else entirely.

I once spent a few hours with somebody trying to get the internet on their new laptop. I eventually discovered the wireless was disabled; the unknown USB device they were trying to use for the network was actually a memory card slot on the front of the machine!

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