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My local radio station often uses short excepts - sometimes only five or six seconds - from famous films as part of its jingles. Do they have to pay for this?
If so, how? Is there a body that covers rights to use soundbites from films, or are you allowed to use very short soundbites free of charge? If I was making, say, a TV programme about weddings, and I wanted to include a montage of 'You may now kiss the bride' scenes from movies, would I be able to do so without paying royalties, or would I have have to pay for that?
asked in royalties, tv, radio

Logicalawyer answers:

They may have a licence which may have cost some money, or not which negates royalties. The artist or creator will hold the copyright unless those rights are purchase or assigned, or if a company commissions work. Copyright subsists passively so as soon as something is above a certain threshold of effort and creativity copyright automatically exists.

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