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Travelling to Venice, Italy, suggestions?
Hi all, I'm coming from the US to Venice Italy next month and wonderred if anyone has been or could recommend some good places to eat or visit?
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tecspec answers:

I've never myself but if I was to go I'd look at something like Trip Adviser and the Venice Tourist Board.

Have a lovely time.

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coachgeorge2008 answers:

Do you have a strict budget? If you have a few bucks to spend check out

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CGA answers:

One top tip is to get yourself a 3 day pass for the Vaperetto (the water buses).
Clearly, the San Marco square is a must to visit but you can wait a long time to get into the church.
Do visit the glass factories on the island of Murano (Vaperetto or organised trip by your hotel).
The main thing is to wander round the small streets and explore.

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seacommander answers:

Venice has so many beautiful buildings that it would be impossible to name only a few worth visiting. However, why not try the old favourites like the Piazza San Marco where you can visit the Basillica the Doges Palace and then take a trip to the top of the tower to have a panoramic view over the city. For those of you of an artistic bent there is a super gallery (can't remember its name) right by the Ponte Academia and fairly close by is the Peggy Guggenheim gallery which has a large collection of more modern works. As for eating, there are hundreds of very good restaurants - I would suggest, however, avoiding those in the vicinity of San Marco - they can be expensive and of indifferent quality. Please be aware, however, that any tourist orientated restaurant is likely to be pricey. If you are bold enough it is worth eating in the osterias which are where the locals go. Qualiy of food is usually excellent and reasonably priced - well at least reasonable priced for Venice.

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squirell59 answers:

Agree with all of sea commander's suggestions and know you will love the place. So try to explore the little back streets where you will find excellent little reasonably priced places where the locals tend to eat and the food is far better. Enjoy your time and hope it will leave you with wonderful memories to treasure.

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