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What has been the most used programming language in the world?

asked in software, computer, programming

CGA answers:

I am not sure how you would find that out with any degree of certainty because it has changed so much over time.
Initially it was various flavours of Assemblers (linked to specific machine architecture). Then came COBOL, which looked as if it would take over the world for a while. Then, with the advent of the ...X OS's, C & C++ became very dominant. Along the way there were many other lesser languages - some with very specific functions. To mention a few :-

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kev_from_edinburgh answers:

i would have to say 'basic'.
although its not nearly good enough to do programs that are going to be worth anything monetarily(today) it is the thing that everyone started with.
kids in school were taught to use it as a way of understanding how computers work, i dont know if that is still practiced in schools, but anyone who was taught that way would no doubt pass that experience on to someone else that wanted to learn.

most of the other languages mentioned above are for people who want to actually learn to program. which is out of the reach of a lot of people who on the other hand would be able to use 'basic' to write simple programs.

for anyone who doesnt know what 'basic' is ...

10 print " hello"
20 goto 10

that is the structure for the most basic of 'basic ' programs
the print command wouldnt print to paper , but to display on screen, the goto command would just start the thing over again.

obviously basic was able to perform more complex tasks.
'basic' came free with the zx spectrum/ commodore 64/bbc micro/zx81/vic20... i could go on and on.
a lot of the games sold on zx spectrum were written in bedrooms around the country in 'basic'.

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martin.thomas answers:

In the early days there was only machine code. That must have been hard work!
Next came various versions of assembler.
High level languages appeared in the years near 1960. For a long time Cobol was the most widely used. At some point, C overtook it and was later overtaken by C++.
Or so I believe, at least. Someone answering the question will probably do a bit of research and come up with a definitive answer.

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