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Why do people that are listerning to music through headphones sing along at the top of there voices and think you can't hear them?
My stepdaughter is sitting hear listerning to music on her phone,(through headphones)and she is singing like a consterpated cat at the top of her voice.
I got to thinking why do people listerning to music through headphones sing and think they can't be heard?
Is it me or is it bloomin annoying?
Do these people actually care if they are heard?
asked in general opinion, music, sining

Topaz2308 answers:

It is very annoying but I have to confess that I'm the biggest culprit when I have the ipod on as I just feel the urge to warble along. I would do the same when a CD or song on the radio is playing but I think that when you have headphones it gives you a false sense of the level you are singing at. So consequently you sing out of tune and ever so loud but at least she is enjoying herself.

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

For future reference for some "users", I will provide a proper answer to your very good question. The same thing applies with people on their cell phones as it does with people who use iPOD's or MP3 players in public. Apparently, one becomes absolutely tone deaf when they have headphones on! Simply put, they cannot hear the outside world and the ambient noise that goes along with it, so in effect, they have blocked out the outside world and all of it's distractions as well as people's right to not listen to horrible off-key singing. I think that everyone is guilty of this at one time or another! Some people may do it strictly for attention and some people just really don't care what they sound like or what other people are thinking about them.

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rasputin1309 answers:

They know they can be heard but simply could not care less

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RODNEY answers:
@rasputin1309: Thats not it.
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squiggle56 answers:

I have also wondered about this. My partner sings in a band & has not a bad voice, but OMG stick those headphones on him & it's like my cat is being trodden on. In fact even she leaves the room when he starts. I think it is because as said before they are in their own little cocoon & the outside world disappears. Wish you could turn the volume down on people as well as music.

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Messerwisser answers:

Being swept away by the music and the feeling of isolation makes you forget the world around you. Yes, it can be very enervating.

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RODNEY answers:
Its all because they cant hear themselves.
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