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what are the health and safety laws reguarding working with dogs?
minimum number of staff that should be on the kennel premecise. should it be 2 or more?
asked in Health and safety, dogs, law

babmcg answers:

depending on how many animals you have and what kind'it's normally 2 staff for every 4-5 animals' so if you had 10 dogs you would have four members of staff' your best bet id to have a look at 'health & safety with animals~

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Aiming4777 answers:

There are no legal requirements for the staffing levels at a Kennels. Local Authority guidelines (they issue licenses for dog kennels) seem to state a minimum of one! They say "A fit and proper person over 16 years of age must always be present on site to exercise supervision and deal with emergencies whenever dogs are boarded at the premises.
Dogs must be visited at least three times per day to check on their health, safety and welfare."

Supplement from 09/22/2008 11:44pm:

I looked for a link listing these guidelines but only found this one ... which is worse as it just says "A fit and proper person should always be present to exercise supervision and deal with emergencies." and doesn't even give a specific minimum age:

This website lists the legal requirements of a boarding kennel:

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