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Is it difficult to learn german?

asked in German, languages

LauLau answers:

In my opinion any foreign language would be fairly hard to learn, Depends how much time you have to learn it also.

Although German will be far easier to learn than english.

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siasl74 answers:

I found it quite hard - there is a lot of grammar to remember, as well as the vocabulary. The grammatical rules are quite strict (although how that fares up in conversational german is a question I don't know the answer to).

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robinsamuels answers:

The worst thing for me is the multiple genders.

Latin languages have both masculine and feminine forms. That is hard enough for an English speaker. German adds another form which is neither masculine nor feminine. Therefore, there are 3 forms of "the" to remember etc!

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CGA answers:

It really depends how you learn and what level you want to achieve.
Yes, German does have some very strict grammar rules and this is made a little worse by there being a difference between written and spoken German. If you are learning on a course then you have no option but to concentrate on these. If, however, you are in a German speaking environment then you don't have to consciously learn all the rules because you get to know how other people say things and what sounds right. The same is true of Genders. I could give you some guides on working out genders but that is not much use. You really need to learn the Gender with the noun. Then is is not such a great problem.
One thing that helps is that a large number of English words derive from Germanic roots.
So to reach a 'get by' level is not that difficult. To get to a 'personal conversation' level would require quite a bit of total immersion in the language. To be so fluent that your being a foreigner could not be detected would be very difficult.
One final thought - remember that many British do not speak English correctly and the same is true of Germans.

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Sn0wBoy answers:

another thing is that english speaking seem to have a problem with the german pronountiation.
(at least the guys in austrlaia, where i am at the moment, have this problem)

since germans learn english much earlier and we already use many of your words in the common language and in ads, it is not a big problem to get the pronountiation.

in germany you begin learning english in year 2(the age of 7-8) at the moment, its always changing so we will learn it in the kindergarden in a few years...

wich is really good :)

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