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Urgent Help need please from any computer buffs?
I think i have somehown got a virus in my comp. (onlap top @ mo)
I was browsing google yesterday and went onn a link and though nothing of it. until when i went to shut down comp saw things had been loaded onto my comp. (nothing flagged up re warnings.) Anyway I cannot do a system restore, computer keeps freezing up,.
I keep getting this up everytime i log onto a page my browser keeps going into this. it looks like a microsoft hompage.
"Some dangerous viruses detectedin your system Micrsoft windows xp corrupted. this may lead to the destruction of important files C:/WINDOWS wantse me to d/load a software, which i have refused
Found this in the bar as well http://sc.videofreeforonline./com /id/4912933/4/1 copy

Am running my AVG now and its just come up with Trojan Horse Dropper.Agent.KDD
my firewall keep blocking also avg keeps stopping this software from being downloaded. Can any-one help please, i got all my work on my comp.
I dont know what to do.
AVG as just come with 2 Found tracking Cookie.Webtrends. and also found Tracking cookie.REVSCI.
Still scanningn at mo.
Can any-one please help. i cant access anything without this thing keep going into a I.E.Critical Update Needed. Microsoft Internet Explorer.(false page by looks of it asks you to d/load software for antivirus.)
Can Any-one help please?
Supplement from 09/28/2008 11:32am:
i did a search as said in link. nothing was found.. its still doing it. i cant d/load nothing as this thing keeps popping up.
i also did AD-aware and got something in quari. i am stuck.
Nothing was found in my documents, computer etc. when i did a search. what do i do now?

asked in general, trojan, computer

Aiming4777 answers:

You almost certainly have a Trojan called Zlob. This gives the problems you report.

The main program can be removed by using the "Add/Remove Programs" utility or just deleting the files, as it sounds you have done. However, as there may still be hidden Zlob files, it's possible that Zlob will reappear after reboot. Usually there is a message asking for payment to remove the infection ... this is fake also. Probably this has been corrupted by your attempts to remove the infection.

See this link which should help you remove it or search for Zlob removal on Google.
Also see:

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