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What's the oddest thing you've seen in the lying in the central reservation of a motorway?
Having endured the M6 car park for some time today, north of J32,i saw,lying under the crash barrier,a nearly full bottle of salad cream,which i thought was a fairly odd thing to see in the middle of the motorway.You normally see bolts,exhaust parts,bits of rubber,wheel trims etc,but not bottled condiments.I was not near a town or habitation or under a flyover or other bridge,so it must have been thrown from a vehicle.What oddities have you seen?
Supplement from 09/29/2008 01:08am:
Please no vivid descriptions of roadkill!

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seacommander answers:

I saw this actually happen - it too was on the M6, in Cheshire, many years ago. I was travelling south and I saw, in the distance, the bonnet of an old style Jaguar (the Insp. Morse type) begin to lift and in no time it had been torn off and landed in the central reservation. It all happened so quickly and it was a great relief than nobody got injured, although I suspect the driver of the Jaguar had a bit of a shock

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moonzero2 answers:

not the central reservation, but I passed 2 young deer in the middle lane of the M1 a couple of months ago.

I reported the sighting to the police but never found out what happened.

Supplement from 09/29/2008 08:50am:

I should add that it was around 23:15 at the time

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jacquesdor answers:

Shoes! Not once, but often I have seen shoes, mostly single but once a pair. Do people really kick their shoes off for comfort while driving and toss them through the window? It has long fascinated me.

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siasl74 answers:

I once passed a mattress in the outer lane of the A311(M) outside Bracknell. Had to duck and weave to avoid it, too. Fairly obviously it fell off as a result of bad fixings to a car.

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Theminxy1 answers:

My school mate JR, with his face in the dirt, his butt in the air and his trousers round his ankles... the lady with whom I'm having a cuppa is in stitches.. her funniest was a blow-up doll, caught in the central railings with it's legs flapping like mad things when something went past.

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wumpus answers:

A farm.

I pass this fairly regularly.


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scouter4 answers:

A man lying at the side of the road dressed up for a night out.
Bet he will wake up regreting whatever hed done.(if he can remember)

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