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Re-homing my dog
We have a 4 year old german shepherd which we have had since a pup, due to the fact we are expecting a 2nd child and only have a two bed flat in addition to the fact i will not be home as much due to work commitments we have decided to try and re home him but after phoning all the major animal sanctuaries i have found that none will take him due to the fact he finds it hard to socialize with other animals (although he has never been violent). I was even told by one very reputable dog's home to look into the possibility of euthanasia.
PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP i love my dog very much and can't bear the thought of putting him down but don't know what to do.
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agentju90 answers:

look into the police or armed forces. if accepted they will train him up and will have a happy and exciting working life and a loving home life. you could allways try the dogs trust, they never put a healthy dog down. failing that, there are g.s. forums that sell and rehome g.s. dogs. i work with g.s. so i will ask for afew websites you might want to try.

Supplement from 10/01/2008 06:25pm:

any dog of any age can be trained to this level. but unfortunatly my workplace can't rehome peoples dogs, only train them up. what part of the country are you in? and how old is your dog? any health problems? legs are common problem points in g.s.

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samshackle answers:

he's nearly 4 and no health probs at all he get's regular check ups every 6 mths never had any issues. I'm in london and we tried the police (thames valley) but they said they weren't interested as he isn't great with other dogs also the age seemed to an issue, any other ideas?

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