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How much material should I show to a potential literary agent?
Hello all, It has been a while since I last posted a question but here I am again.
I have just drafted a short story and think it would make a great magazine article,
I have had replies from various magazine agencies but I am a little dubious of sending the article to them in it's entire form for fear of losing it to the agent interested.
I cannot afford to employ a specialist copyright solicitor as the cost would outweigh the reward.
Call me paranoid, but how much writing is normally sufficient enough without compromising the entire story?
Supplement from 10/03/2008 09:22am:
Thanks so far,and how much material would I send to a potential magazine or publisher without an agent getting involved (as most agents fee's, still outweigh the return from the article in question)

asked in writing, Publishing, literary works

jacquesdor answers:

You agent - or potential agent should help you with that. Some agents just need a covering letter with a short precis. If you have an interested agent, ask advice from him/her. After all, that is one of the things they get paid for. Good luck.

Supplement from 10/03/2008 10:46am:

It might be an idea for you to send a short summary of the article to the magazine of your choice, outlining the content without giving too much away. Possibly the first page or couple of paragraphs. Enough to grab interest and make them want to read more. Ask if they are interested.
On the safety level, so long as you have obvious proof that you are the original author - notes, hand written copy or something like that - then clearly you own the copyright and should be quite safe.
I know how you feel about involving an agent, but the advice is always to do just that! It would be worth it if it would result in further sales of your work. I think agents and publishers are always interested to know how much more material is likely to be forthcoming. An agent would know exactly the best publisher to place your work and would give you plenty of advice all down the road.
The essence of your question then, your work would be copyright and you would have protection. An outline with a brief summary of the entire article (along with a tantalising sample!) will be enough for a buyer to be interested - or not as the case may be!
I do hope this all works for you. Please let us know.

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