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If I wanted to ask questions here using quotes from thirty year old textbooks would anybody have any objections?

asked in old, questions, IQ

blacksmith81 answers:

Maybe, but the answers you get are likely to reflect the current state of knowledge, thus may not actually agree with the textbooks concerned.
There may also be some possible infringements of the author's copyright, so reproducing the questions verbatim, may be an infringement of the site rules.

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high1971 answers:

i would say try it but type somewhere into your question your source for the quotes as someone may want/have to check them

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P-Kasso answers:

I don't see why that should be a problem in questions. After all, nearly everybody quotes (often far older) textbooks in their answers.

As Blacksmith says, there might be a copyright issue but I can't really see you been dragged through the courts for using it as a question for no gain.

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hellis852 answers:

I you are asked a question then if at all possible you should answer if you know the answer or an opinion of sorts. I suppose alot do use books I try to use life long trials and tribulations in my answers. No one can know everything unless he is a genius. So by answering if you want to call it off the top of your head that is as good as refering to books. Books are there also to learn about anything. So it is up to the individual which route they go down.

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