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where does the surname DARRIEN originate from

asked in ancestry

jacquesdor answers:

There seems to be no information on the origin of the name, but this link might help you get unformation on various family trees from the Darrien name.

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Leohuberh answers:

'Darrien' old: DARIUS
Gender: Masculine , Usage: English, Lithuanian, Biblical
Pronounced: də-RIE-əs (English), DER-ee-əs (English), DAR-ee-əs (English) [key]

Roman form of Δαρειος (Dareios), which was the Greek form of the Persian name Dârayavahush, which was composed of the elements dâraya "to possess" and vahu "good". Three ancient kings of Persia bore this name, including Darius the Great who invaded Greece but was defeated in the Battle of Marathon. It has never been very common as a given name in the English-speaking world, though it rose in popularity after the middle of the 20th century.

New names in different languages are:
Dario, Darius, Darko, Daryoush, Darian, Dardan, Darren, Dariush, Darwin, Dariusch, Dariusz, Darach, Daragh, Darcan, Darda, Dareios, Darien, Darijan, Darijo, Darin, Darinko, Darius-Klaus, Darjan, Darjusch, Darkon, Darnell, Darold, Daron, Darragh, Darrel, Darrell, Darrin, Darron, Darryl, Daryl, Darélos

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