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Has anyone been to Turkey recently? If yes what is the most accepted currency . . local or euros?

asked in travel, currency

Aiming4777 answers:

I visit Turkey frequently. The currency accepted depends on where and what you are buying. In a small local shop, they will expect Turkish Lira but major shops and tourist areas will accept most currencies. Prices are often shown in US dollars or Euros. Traditionally, Turkish shops have accepted German Marks (now replaced by the Euro) and Dollars. UK pounds are sometimes accepted but not as frequently as the other two currencies. (Turkey has strong ties with Germany and there is a large NATO presence there)

Best bet is to take Euros as they will retain their value. You can change Euros into Lira there if necessary and the exchange rates are better than in Europe anyway.

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kimberley240605 answers:

I came back from Tureky 3 weeks ago, after a holiday there and in every shop I went into, whatever you had they would take off you, but makes sure you haggle that way you get more for your money, I must sya that the British pound was worth more when changed into Lira as opposed to the Euro and the Dollar

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