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When you are alone in your home, do you shut/lock the bathroom door?

asked in personal opinion

siasl74 answers:

Nope to both, even if wife and daughter is about - although I don't advertise I'm going :-)

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reactivated answers:

Nope never. Not even if some-one was here. EG. Home help.
I also take my phone in while in bathroom. being reg disabled, i cant afford to lock the bathroom door, i also leave it open when in bathroom. (apart if i got visitors.) If anything should happen whilst i am in the bathroom etc, least help can get to me lot quicker if door is not locked and wont be a hinderance to the rescuers.
So no, i never lock my bathroom door. (on my own anyway.)

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vultan answers:

Depends what I'm doing in there. If I'm taking a shower I usually do, because one time I thought I was alone in the house and happily taking an unlocked shower, the cleaning lady walked in on me (how she can have failed to hear that the shower was on is unclear). She seems to smile at me in a slightly more sardonic way than she used to...

Any shorter activity and I'll usually leave it unlocked and ajar (the door closes itself).

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

If home by myself, no on both counts. I would assume that some people would do this out of force of habit or just to maintain a sense of safety and security. When people are home, I do close the door but don't really feel the need to lock the door.

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oddbob86 answers:

nope not when i'm alone in the house, in fact i never lock/shut the bathroom door even when my boyfriends in.

partly because the cats are nosey and like to come pester me in the bath and because i don't feel the need to

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CGA answers:

The little 'loo - yes, because there is not enough room otherwise. The bathroom closes itself almost too but I don't make a point of shutting and locking it.

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cryptminder answers:

Cant lock either of my bathrooms are we do not have any locks on any of the internal doors.

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imfeduptoo answers:

Yes, even when I'm alone I lock it out of habit.
My two teenage grandchildren, and one of their boyfriends, spend lots of time with me, so I have to lock it - I never know when they'll turn up and I can't think of anything more embarrassing than if one of them came in while I was starkers.

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seacommander answers:

I always shut the bathroom door, but not lock it, when taking a bath -don't like a cold draught. For calls of nature, well number ones it can be open or shut, number twos - shut and window open!!! Door always shut and locked when visitors about; I wouldn't want to embarrass them if they burst in on me - I think I'd just fall about laughing.

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Bubs86 answers:

Nope I dont shut it or lock it and I usually walk around naked too! Why should I bother with privacy if it is just me in!!! Why do you shut/lock the bathroom when you are home alone? ;-)

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wumpus answers:

Yes, I usually lock it out of habit.

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