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How are professionals reducing their bodyfat?
before they have a big competition they would reduce their bodyfat to minimum, do they just continue their hard training, but dont eat any fat or sugar, but only carbonhydrate ?
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pradeep_shaktawat answers:

They just maintain there regular routine of exercise and are conscious about there diet.

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Leohuberh answers:

The primary exercise prescription for those wanting permanent weight loss must be weight training or resistance training or strength training.
Basically the more muscle you have, the more furnaces you have operating in burning energy or food. In fact putting on around 0.5 kg of muscle will allow you to eat an extra 300 calories per week without affecting your weight. This inevitably allows you to control bodyfat by allowing you to eat more and still stay lean. Yes, you'll be able to eat more, stay lean and feeling great.
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