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how do i improve my blood circulation (not for only a short periode of time) ?
how can i improve my blood circulatioN?
not only for 20min after some sports, but in general, that i have a strong blood circulation in generall, always.

some people never have cold feet or hands, can i reach that with this improvement?
Supplement from 10/09/2008 01:10pm:
my hands are not that cold

and i do:
jogging through normal sport, such as volleyball
cycling a lot at the moment
used to do lots of swimming
doing much climbing at the moment

i usually do very very much sport, but i still have cold feet some time, a friend of mine never wears gloves while SKIING !!!!!
and his hands are never really cold :D

Supplement from 10/10/2008 04:00am:
what is the impact of garlic on my body?
how could garlic (or hot curry) help my circulation?

asked in health, sport

Poindexter answers:

What you're after is cardiovascular excercise, i. e. jogging, walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, climbing, etc.
Cold feet or hands can indeed be a sign that you should work out more often. I'd say start with a brisk 20-30" walk every second day. It'll do you wonders.

Supplement from 10/09/2008 03:41pm:

You don't really seem to have a problem, so what exactly is your question?

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siasl74 answers:

I get cold hands and feet, I've not been able to cure this through exercise. For the record, I've trained for 2 marathons and over a dozen half-marathons - you'd have thought that would have an effect on my feet at least, but it hasn't.

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BobBibleman answers:

I think naturally some people have cold hands and so on, but exercise can help, so you should be exercising for a good half hour or more to get the blood flowing.
Also foods can help to improve your circulation, as can cutting down on bad toxins. Garlic helps, so have some and a hot curry!

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Maygs answers:

Eat garlic; this will thin the blood and help it "go round" easier

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preciosa809 answers:

30 min. Power walk everyday!
and when your resting try laying out straight on bed and elevate your feet higher than your chest.(put pillows under your legs and feet) This helps you boost you circulation.

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