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The types of problems that may occur during your work and how to report them

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lauren-ashleii answers:

The types of problems that may occur during your work are:
- computer crashing
- work not getting saved
- power cuts
- photocopier runs out of toner
- photocopier runs out paper.

All of these issues can be resolved very simply.
Any technical fault that involves your computer you should report this to your computer technician if your company has one. Government and large companies mainly have a team of technicians to help different problems out. Things like photocopier running out of paper use your brain and fill the paper tray your self with the correct size and type of paper. If there is a jam try and resolve this yourself without creating danger or ask somebody who knows how to fix this.

I'm guessing this is NVQ business administration? if you get any more questions you don't understand send me a message, i'm sat doing my level 3 and i find this site quiet useful.

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Leohuberh answers:

Your responsibilities will require you to comply with organisational policy and procedures for the computer controlled manufacturing activities undertaken, and to report any problems with the manufacturing activities you cannot personally resolve, or are outside your permitted authority to the appropriate people.
You will be expected to work to instructions, with minimum supervision, taking personal responsibility for your actions
and for the quality and accuracy of the work that you produce. You will also be expected to complete any necessary documentation accurately and legibly.


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