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A question for our female members (plagiarised, sort of, from the television this evening). What would your partner need to do to make you feel really looked after?

asked in relationships, caring, love life

Maygs answers:

Well I think Bubs looks after me so much to the point that I feel like a lazy bottom sometimes. She cooks for me, does the washing and all those little odd jobs you can never really be bothered to do she does for me. I don't ask, and I try to do my bit in return, but I feel so looked after. She cares about me and will look into things for me; when I didn't have a job she spent hours looking for me.

I think the smaller things count; I wouldn't feel looked after as such if I were showered with expensive gifts every day. I find it really heart warming when something is done that benefits my current state; ie; I'm made a cup of tea, or if I'm cold I'll get given a blanket. Anything to make life easier or more comfortable.

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imfeduptoo answers:

Right at this moment, while I'm suffering from flu-like symptoms, if he could carry me up to bed I'd feel very looked after.
And perhaps mop my brow with a lavender scented cloth, peel me a few grapes and read me a story.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Like Maygs above it is the little things like a cup of coffee in bed first thing in the morning (only weekends though). Bring me home a little gift even if it is only a bar of diabetic chocolate, which I know he has had to make a special trip to the nearest health food or boots the chemist shop.

All these little things make you feel adored and worshipped as he takes time and effort to do it for me without nagging, moaning or any threats of slapping his bottom if he doesn't.

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kimberley240605 answers:

Mr Kimberley is really looking after me at the moment, I think it is because I am pregnant, he does all the housework, washing cooking and he has even taken to rubbing me feet for me which I just love at the moment, he is a really sweetie, however i don't expect it to last after I have had the baby.

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Bubs86 answers:

Maygs looks after me in lost of little ways, even though she doesnt know it! I love all the little things she does for me like bringing me tea, giving me cuddles on the sofa and stroking my hair until I fall asleep. She also has an 8 hour round trip every week on a coach just to see me for two evenings!

Just being with Maygs makes me feel like I am home and safe, that is something that you can't buy and very difficult to find!

So my answer is there is nothing more Maygs could do to make me feel anymore looked after, and I would say that even if she didnt go on this site! ;-)

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