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What is your initial reaction when you see a homosexual couple?
Ie: out in public behaving in a way any other straight couple would; perhaps leaning on each other, holding hands, sharing looks.

I don't mean those who purposely falunt it in your face for the attention, I mean couples who are genuinely not aware that there is anyone else around.
Supplement from 10/09/2008 10:17pm:
I'm more interested reaction to female/lesbian couples.

asked in homosexuality, opinion

CGA answers:

The same as when I see a Heterosexual couple - not much at all. Peoples personal life is their own business. We all know that most other adults have a personal life but we don't spend time thinking about it.

Supplement from 10/09/2008 09:13pm:

Sorry if you were expecting something more profound than that but, within the bounds of public decency, I don't see it as an issue for anyone else except the couple themselves. Possibly their friend may be happy for them - but that is as far as it goes.

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

To me, it is no different than a 'traditional' couple being together. Like you said, as long as it is not flaunted excessively to gain some attention, then by all means, live and let live I say! Who am I to judge someone else? A few years ago, this was extremely taboo. Today, I see this all of the time. No big deal to me.

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agentju90 answers:

well i was used top seeing it with my sister. love is love, and love is beautiful no matter wat gender, race, religion, age (as long as it's legal). love is pure and innocent. i see nothing wrong with it. if i see a gay couple who are obviously in love then i'd respect them. but as i said, i've been so used to seeing same sex relationships that i probably wouldn't notice anything

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funrunna answers:

Absolute disgust... on a good day and the PC crowd will nver convince me that this is natural or tolerable. To me it's perversion almost on par with paedophilia.

I don't care what consulting adults do behind doors but, I don't want it rammed down my throat. No pun, sickeningly, or otherwise intended!

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tracieboo answers:

I have to put my hands up and say that i did sat 'ewwwww' yesterday when i saw the fella on eastenders with his tounge down his new boyfriends throat.

But i have to say that seeing two women kissing really doesn't bother me, i have no idea why males kissing does....maybe i am thinking what a waste!!!

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Topaz2308 answers:

Doesn't bother me at all as each to their own and as long as they feel loved and are happy then good for them. The only time I have never thought it was appropriate was this summer when I took my niece and nephew to an animal park and two lesbians made a point of making and exhibition of themselves in front of them. As they were only 2 and 4 it was a shock for them and when things began to get steamy between to the point of ripping off clothes in the ladies toilets with all the children in there I had to mention it was not probably the most appropriate behaviour.

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robinsamuels answers:

Honestly, I look twice and think "oh a couple of lesbians/gays".

Then I think what the hell. My considered opinion is far more tolerant than my initial gut reaction.

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Aiming4777 answers:

I agree with funrunna ... absolute disgust. My initial reaction would be to wish it was still illegal.

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vultan answers:

My main feeling if I see a gay couple is vague worry for them. A lot of people are intolerant towards homosexuality to the point of violence. I'm sure they know that and have weighed up the risks of public displays of affection, but that's my predominant feeling when I see them. I really don't see, though, why two people in love can't express their feelings for one another in public. People who don't like to see that should stay indoors all day, or go live in Saudi Arabia.

Lesbian couples are slightly different in that they don't seem to inspire quite the same level of visceral disgust in macho buffoons, so I'm not usually worried for them. The part of London I live in has a fairly large lesbian population. It's something I kind of notice - in a 'oh look, those two women seem to be a couple' kind of way - but don't really have any feelings about otherwise.

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jacquesdor answers:

I find it fairly nausiating to see couples slobbering all over each other whatever their sex. When I first saw a couple of men walking down the road holding hands I was quite touched, if they had started tonsil tennis I would have been revolted. The first reaction was because they were the same sex and I was pleased for them that they no longer have to hide in the closet. The revulsion is simply because some things should be private.
I regularly stay with a female couple who are in a civil partnership, I love them both to bits, but have to leave the room if they start slobbering. I would do the same if they were a mixed gender couple.

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siasl74 answers:

Personally, if I notice a same sex couple, I may take a longer look - but only because it's not all that common a sight where I live. Other than that, I don't really give a monkeys.

If any couple is being all excessively luvvy-dovey it makes me feel a bit embarassed. But then I may have inflicted that on the general public in the past, so I try not to be bothered by it.

Supplement from 10/09/2008 11:00pm:

Oh yes, and I do have that typical male aversion to seeing two blokes snog :-)

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imfeduptoo answers:

I'm afraid I agree with funrunna and Aiming although I realise this isn't a popular or perhaps PC opinion to have.

I suppose knowing what homosexual men do together sexually is distasteful to me. (And I know some heterosexual couples do the same thing but IMO that part our bodies is for one thing only!

I don't feel the same distaste for two women having a sexual relationship, for obvious reasons, but must admit I can't understand why some people are attracted to the same sex.

Seeing two women or two men holding hands embarrasses me.

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cryptminder answers:

Over my life time which is quite a lot, my views I must admit have changed considerably.

In the 60s when in my mid teens, it was abhorrent to see two people of the same sex even holding hands. This was how I had been brought up to believe so thought it correct.

when in my thirty something, I had grown more tolerant to the idea of seeing females together and as such did not really bother me although I still noticed it and it still seemed strange, whilst seeing two males doing the same thing was still against my liking.

I move on another thirty years and times have really changed, it is "supposed" to be the accepted norm that people of the same sex can cohabit, get married but copulation or an overboard show of attraction is still not accepted.

Whilst seeing same sex couples regularly on TV, were they have tried to show people of this gender in a more humane form so as to be accepted by the majority, you will always have dissenters.

I don’t really seem to either notice or care if two females are living together nowadays whilst trying to get up to what a married man and wife does, but male homosexuality still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I cannot seem to get my head round it, and probably never will. Being a heterosexual male is probably behind this and at the back of most men’s minds which is probably the one thing that stops the whole world from same sex copulation.

I would like to ask one question of my own, if everyone on the planet was into only same sex partners then how would the world repopulate itself and don’t tell me a laboratory as this then demeans the whole point of being human.

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Bubs86 answers:

Well I have to say when I see a same sex couple I find it reassuring that there are other people out there like me!

Living in a society where more than 1 in 10 poeple are gay i think it should be tolerated and excepted in society even if it is not to everyones taste! There are many different people into todays society who choose to live their lives in ways in which I disagree (drug taking, covered from head to toe in tattos and piercings, carrying guns etc). But I am tolerant and excepting because that is their choice and it doesnt affect me!

Being Gay is not harmful to other people it is a personal choice. Gay people should feel like they can show 'normal' levels of affection such as hand holding in public with out getting looks, abusive words or even violent reactions.

I would like to ask why those people who find two people in a loving relationship so disgusting? Are you not pleased that two of your fellow human beings have found happiness? I also wonder if these people have ever fantasised about two girls at any point in their lives, as that is the most common fantasy amongst women and men?

With regards to children seeing low levels of affection in public between same sex couples (not going at it in the toilets) in time they will see it as the norm. Same sex relationships should be discussed in sex ed classes in school to make children aware that these relationships do exist and should no evoke any more prejudices in people than other religions or races.

Learning and talking about it in schools more would also help struggling teens come to terms with who they are and show them they are not alone. There is a large number of especially young gay men who turn to self harm, drugs or even suicide because they can't face living a life that makes them happy because they will face abuse and prejudice wherever they go.

In 2008 what gives anyone the right to judge anothers lifestyle or personal choice? Sorry guys but it is legal, it is becomming more acceptable and you will see more and more loved up, happy, same sex couples on your streets! So get used to it, we are here to stay!

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duffield1 answers:

I concur with those who say that they perhaps double-take, but it is not offensive to me in any way other than seeing a hetero couple would offend me. There's a certain amount of 'get a room' feeling whenever a couple of whatever type is getting overly amourous in public.

I find some of the responses here are fascinating - to me, being upset by different sexualities is no different to being upset by different skin colours, but perhaps this is because I believe that you are born who you are, and that might mean straight, it might mean gay. You no more choose your sexuality than you choose your parents. I disagree that "it is a personal choice" - I think it is something that you are born with and the only choice is whether you choose to accept it and embrace it, or deny what you are.

Holding hands is not a problem - I know lots of straight teenage girls who do the same.

What I think is important is that we educate our children in our beliefs - my parents (especially my dad) are homophobic, whereas I don't have a problem. My five-year old daughter knows that her godfather is gay, and that this means that he likes other men rather than women. When she came home and asked what a 'He-she' was, we explained about transexuals in terms that she could understand. Hopefully, she'll grow up accepting that we're all different, and she might influence others to share this liberal view.

For me, there is no difference between two men being together and two women - if they are consenting adults, they are doing no harm. I do not subscribe to the theory that they are undermining the fabric of society - people have always been gay, I suspect that in the past, the vast majority just hid it.

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oddbob86 answers:

okay i will admit if i see a gay couple in the street i will do a double take and think okay their gay. I'm fine with it, my upstairs neighbours are a same sex couple, the only thing that annoys me is when there a bit ahem loud at night...(if you get what i mean)

I don't find anything wrong with it, its just a bit OTT when a gay or straight couple start getting a bit heated in public, there's no need for it and should be saved for when you are alone together.

Okay a small kiss, holding hands or a cuddle is fine.

Times are changing and some people need to get over the fact that not everyone's straight and being gay happens.

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seacommander answers:

I'd rather not see it thank you, although I find male/male homosexuality more off putting than lesbian. I'm sorry if you think me reactionary and maybe out of line with perhaps current acceptable behaviour, but you did imply straight (sorry about the alternative connotation of straight here)answers were wanted.

What I absolutely cannot think about is how male couples achieve their sexual gratification. Similarly, I can't understand how some heterosexual couples can derive any satisfaction from this activity too; so this specific distaste is not attributable to homophobia.

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fizzy.chicken answers:

Probably do a double take, not such a common sight where i live but apart from that not much else. I really am a great believer in live and let live.

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Arellia answers:

Coming from a conservative Asian society; especially in my home country even hand holding from heterosexual couples is going to raise a few stares and maybe frowns from the old ladies. When I am now hand holding and an arm around the shoulder etc would be still normal and I personally don't give a second thought to that but we are still on the heterosexual territory. Anything more than that is going to get embarrassed stares in general, though my reaction would be probably to look away.
The above was to put my answer in context. In terms of homosexual displays, they are definitely going to get a double take from me for even the simple hand around the shoulder etc. Anything more would be the same embarrassment. I don't feel offended or anything but from the ideas I have grown up with I still don't know what to make of it all. I have rarely seen male displays in public though since homosexuality is still illegal here I don't think there is going to be much flaunting. Female hand holding doesn't raise any eyebrows as I think a lot of strait women hold hands with their friends here (especially teenage - 20s). Strangely enough a segment of the male population who have migrated here from certain countries seem to also hold hands with their male friends although they are straight.

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