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When reading, what captivates you?
I have always wanted to write a book but the only thing I have ever managed to be good at writing is the odd story which has embarrassing consequences, usually fueled from true stories of my own friends and families.

I used to do this on MySpace regularly, and it was picked up by my University paper and now I write a monthly collumn.

Should I continue to write these short stories and compile a large collection and perhpas even approach a publisher one day?
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tracieboo answers:

Why not? if you have a talent for writing then i don't see why you shouldn't try and get your stories published.

It's hard to say what captivates me, but my favourite book of all time was a book i picked up in a charity shop, A Crack in Forever, it's about a man with aids, but told through his girlfriend (fiction, not a true story) it makes me cry and laugh at the same time, even now, after reading it several times.

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Bubs86 answers:

I definately think you should! The best way to get published would be to get together a selection of your best and funniest short stories and send them to lots of publishers. Let them know that you have plenty more and hopefully they will get in touch and help you compile a book of short stories and anacdotes!

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