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Fun things to do......
On a four hour coach journey, when you have no ipod etc. At 6pm this evening I will be hoping on a coach to see the beautiful Maygs and wont arrive until 10pm. What can I do to pass the time? Creative answers please!
asked in travel, fun, boredom

Maygs answers:

Print off some soduku from the internet?

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kimberley240605 answers:

Try a puzzle book or a few magazines, or make a list of Romantic things to do over the weekend

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beeper_spryte answers:


you'll awaken refreshed and have bundles of energy and enthusiasm for your paramour.

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sjlissocute answers:

You could brush up on your mental skills by challenging yourself to complete some maths sums.

Look out the window. Never gets old no matter where you go.

Take up knitting and knit yourself a scarf or a hat or a hackey sack cover. (if interested in knitting)

Create a dream team of football players solely based on how hot they are.

Pretend you are a journalist and interview one or two interesting people. Make notes and take a couple of picutres and post the interviews for us.

If nothing helps then do what beeper_spryte suggested. Close your eyes and go to sleep. If not feeling sleepy then take some sleeping pills with you. Eat them about half n hour before. And go to sleep!

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agentju90 answers:

numberplate bingo. make up some random bingo cards. then use car plates that you see as the called numbers. you can also use letters from plates for scrabble.

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Family.Guy answers:

Find a friend you can play car cricket with, for every pub you pass with the name of some one or something with legs you get a point. for example fox and hound pub together these have 8 legs so there for 8 points, where as the queens head has none so you would be out and the next player in.

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