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How many parking spaces are required for residential developments? Is there a ratio?
This question is linked to one I asked earlier and I'm just trying to get as much information as I can. The block where I live has 33 flats. A few years ago 8 more flats were developed close by. Our car park has 12 spaces. Not very many people had cars so it wasn't too bad, but since a further 14 flats were developed(all have cars), it's beyond a joke. I'm just wondering how planning permission could be granted if there is a ratio for parking. We did object, as did our councillor, but it was still granted.
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seacommander answers:

As an example, back in 2006, Swindon produced this document. Houses of 5+ bedrooms would be allocated 3 spaces per dwelling down to 1 space per dwelling for a 1 bedroom flat. Visitor parking was allocated at a rate of 1 space per 5 dwellings.


I suspect that each planning authority is likely to have its own set of guidelines.

I hope this has been of interest, but might not necessarily help you in your campaign.

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Aiming4777 answers:

There are mandatory Government standards for the number of disabled spaces allocated for each type of building but these are related to the number of normal spaces required.

The number of parking spaces required, which is usually but not always, a requirement of planning permission is determined by the Local Authority as part of their local plan. Looking at a couple online, they are usually about 1.5 to 2 spaces per each domestic dwelling (they depend on the type of dwelling and the number of bedrooms).


Hillingdon Council ~ Dwellings without individual curtilages: communal parking in open car parking areas (which sounds like your situation) ~ Minimum: 1.6 car spaces and 1 secure bicycle storage space per dwelling. Each dwelling should be allocated at least one specifically dedicated car parking space.

See Annex 1. http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/media/pdf/5/h/8_-_udp_p178-p186_annex_1__car_parkin...

New Forest District Council (outside the National Park) ~ recommended average provision for shared communal parking depends on the number of bedrooms ~ one bedroom = 1.4 car spaces per dwelling, 3 bedrooms = 1.9

See page 4. http://www.newforest.gov.uk/media/adobe/t/t/Parking_SPD_Feb_08_-v2_WEB.pdf

Rochdale Council ~ parking standards for residential developments are intended to result in an average, throughout the plan area and over the plan period, of 1.5 dwellings off-street car parking spaces per dwelling. Their minimum requirement for single bed dwellings and dwellings in town centres is 1,25 spaces per dewelling.

See Appendix A Section C3. http://www.cartoplus.co.uk/rochdale/text/appendix_c.htm

You should be able to find the standards for your own Local Authority online. Take note though that, in many cases, the number of parking spaces is not taken into account by the planning department for a change in use application when the minimum number for the previous use is greater than the new use. This means that if the minimum number required for a pup is greater than the number required for the 14 flats, they might not even give this consideration … regardless of whether there were actually enough spaces available for the pup. A case of two wrongs making a right apparently.

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