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Why do I have cold knees (just below the knee cap)?
Recently I have experienced a feeling of a draught across my legs, just below the knee. Even when I move to a warm area I still feel the sensation. What is causing it?
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reactivated answers:

Your best bet is to see your GP. we not qualifed to give medical advice on here.
He/she may run some tests to determine the cause of your knees.
Best of luck.

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Family.Guy answers:

Yes i concur with reactivated on this one, there could be a number of reasons why this is happening the only one that leaps out at me could be something to do with your blood supply but as i said there are lots of reasons why something like this could happen so its better to see your GP he will know your medical history just in case its something he has prescribed causing it or just simply your health, It could also just be something not to worry about so go and see your GP.

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Sn0wBoy answers:

i think it is only because fat is not circulated with blood as well as the rest of the body, so when it its colder outside and it cools your body down, only or for the first part the "fatty parts" of your body won't get warm as fast, or just stay cold.
you will probably notice this not only on your knees, but also on your stomach(in case you are not wearing a shirt) and down on the leg where your "foot fiber" is.

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