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What resources have you used to start mapping your family tree?
I'm looking for specific resources such as CD ROMs of parish records and other sources of births marriages and deaths. Some have been advertised on television but I have little idea how valuable they will be.
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siasl74 answers:

There's lots available online:

Nifty site, even if I'm tight and don't pay the fee :-)

When you have full membership, there's all sorts of useful things like tree matching and the like - then you can contact folks who have done the research already which gets you deeper into your tree quicker.

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CGA answers:

The Mormons have done a huge amount of work on this and have massive databases. They even devised the standardised method of transferring data between different software packages.

Supplement from 10/13/2008 07:32pm:

One of the very important resources we tend to forget in this technological age is to talk to elderly relative and record any knowledge, traditions, stories etc. These may be more fanciful than truth but it gives you a place to start - and this is a resource that won't be around for ever.

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