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If I was 24 hours from Tulsa, where might I be if I was driving?

asked in music, trivia

tracieboo answers:

This was a q at a pub quiz and from what i can remember he could of been in Phoenix, Arizona. That was just one of the answers, i can't remember the others.

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vultan answers:

Depends rather on what you're driving, I would imagine. It's in north east Oklahoma, so if you really put your foot down you could probably get there from as far away as Mexico, or Minnesota, or Virginia.

Supplement from 10/13/2008 09:59pm:

OK, through the miracle of pure speculation, combined with awesomely bad graphics software skills, I have come up with this. I reckon you could get anywhere within the circle, assuming you drove for 16 hours without really taking any breaks or going below 60 mph.

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tecspec answers:

If you're 24 hours away and bearing in mind the 55mph speed limit then you could be as far east as New York, west at LAs Vegas, north at Winnipeg and south somewhere in Mexico.

Can't stand Gene Pitney myself. I've looked at the lyrics and all I can say I hope when he got to Tulsa she gave him the bird!

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high1971 answers:

well you would be one day away from her heart
well that is where gene said he was anyway

Supplement from 10/13/2008 10:19pm:

as vultan just pointed out it is arms not heart
i did have to go check it as it did not look right after i typed it

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