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i have pain in my hip and i also have a lump on the fron of the joint of my hip i also have a very cold left leg and i cant feel my toes what shold i do ?
it also hurts wen i sit down and go to toliet as i am puting presure on my hip
asked in medical, pain

kimberley240605 answers:

I would make an appointment to see your GP or call NHS Direct on 08454647

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sjlissocute answers:

May be your there is a little blockage in your blood circulation. Try moving your leg or toes and you may feel better. Else see a doc!

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agentju90 answers:

my mum has the same problem. it happens with the slightly plumper ( i'm making an educated guess that you're female, as it happens more with girlies) people. it's a trapped nerve. please see your gp for advice and treatment.

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Family.Guy answers:

I would urge you to go and see your local A&E department, from reading what you wrote it seems like you may have something wrong with your circulatory system and this needs to be investigated.
It could also be as AgentJu suggested.
Although having said this it may be something compleatly harmless.
There are a lot of possibilities.

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